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About Earth Group

Earth Group is one of India’s most famous capitalized real estate companies. It has constantly been in the pursuit of excellence, using innovation and cutting edge technology on all its projects. Earth Group has strong financial aid and engineering expertise, which makes it a top of the line infrastructure provider, with a strong global presence.

Price List:-

  1. Retail BSP - (GF-400sq.ft. / FF-300sq.ft.) : Rs. 12750 / 9250 P.Sq.Ft
  2. ATM-180sq.ft. – GF / UGF: 45 Lacs / 40 Lacs
  3. Bank Space GF (2000/2500/3000): Rs. 12750
  4. Bank Space FF with First Lease guarantee (1500/2000/2500/3000): RS. 9250
  5. Restaurants SF with First Lease guarantee (1500/2500/3000): Rs. 9250

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